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Beasties who like to boogie.


Working in Hughie’s studio is unlike another recording experience in that the studio doubles as a wildlife sanctuary. In the last 48 hours alone we had a king parrot fly in the open door, a diamond python wind itself around the gate latch, and a bloody big lizard crawl under the piano.

Then there was the field mouse.

I went to sleep at 4am last night (this morning?). I know you’re thinking it must have been some party, but it wasn’t. It was a native mouse running around the floor under the fold out bed in Hughie’s studio. Now, the fact that it was a mouse didn’t bother me. What bothered me was that he was so LOUD about it, scratching around, knocking things over. It was like having a drunk flatmate come home at 4am to stomp around making a grilled cheese. I felt like inviting the python into the studio, just to see how that would pan out.

Once these vindictive thoughts subsided, I grabbed my pillow and doona and stumbled down to the farmhouse to set up camp in the spare room. I was woken 2 hours later by the distinctive guitar stylings of Hughie’s 9 year old son, who did not realise that I was buried under the duvet in his practice room.

The mouse has since been evicted for his lack of rent-paying/creative contribution to the album, but the lizard is still lurking under the piano. It’s been three days now, but as long as he lurks quietly I don’t really care.

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