The tiny village of Nymboida was decimated on November 8th, 2019, with two thirds of its residents left homeless by a storm of fire- the likes of which had not been seen in living memory.

 Only weeks after the fire and still finding their feet, a mix of generational cattle farmers, creatives, workers and traditional landowners welcomed Grace and Hugh (and their little upright piano) into their lives, to share stories of survival and the struggle to recover and rebuild.

 From over 25 interviews captured on camera, and many, many trips up Armidale Road over the following year, Grace and Hugh wove together the lyrics and melody of a brand new song called ‘Up Armidale Road’. 

The film follows the Nymboida residents, as they embark with Grace and Hugh on an ambitious musical collaboration to bring the song to life (orchestra in tow!) on a shoestring budget, in the midst of rebuilding the village and piecing together livelihoods.

Thanks to the generosity of the Yulgilbar Foundation and the FRRR, Grace and Hugh are pulling out the old piano, packing the projector and hitting the road in 2022, bringing live music and the incredible story of Up Armidale Road, the feature film, directly to bushfire-affected communities.

The song and film are a tribute to the Nymboida community, RFS, Blaze Aid, all who assisted during the fires and in the aftermath as well as the talented musicians from the region.