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Take a long walk.

A while ago I wrote a blog debunking the idea that you have to wait around for inspiration to strike. Obviously this post came a little earlier in the album recording process, when I was less tired and my high horse hadn’t yet bolted from under me.

That high horse has well and truly rounded the bed now and I’m left sitting on my arse in the middle of the road, wondering why I wasn’t able to just push through today’s recording session when inspiration was so lacking.

Things started well…Hughie and I added a new section to Stereo Heart, a new chorus, bigger and better than the one before, it allowed the melody to soar to the heights promised in the prechorus. Unfortunately for me, those heights sat in a spot in my range that was less than comfortable. “Maybe it doesn’t go like that… maybe it goes like this…” ** insert a melody far less vocally challenging and far less striking **

I was well aware of what a cop-out this suggestion was, and so was Hughie, so he refused to humour me. After a few shaky failed attempts at nailing the new part Hughie suggested I took a break while he ran some errands. “No, no, I’ll get it.” While Hughie was away I recorded and re-recorded the part, over and over again until I hated myself.

Then I took a long walk.

That night we came back after dinner and drinks and recorded the part perfectly in one try.

I deleted the other 247 takes and made a mental note that while it is unproductive to simply wait around for inspiration, forging ahead when you are tired, (possibly hungover?) and unsure of the part will only result is increased self-loathing and a bunch of bad takes that will NEVER see the light of day.

Go take a walk. Feel the sunlight, the fresh air, the mosquito bites, then go back inside, get some S

tingoes and sing the sh*t out of that part.

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