Tossing your rode mic over the tree limb

How many times does it take Hughie to toss his mic before success? Remember he toured England and Africa playing cricket as a kid and apparently spent a bit of time fielding at fine leg ;)

Swung a rode mic up over the limb of a dead tree @Bingara - Knockin' Boots

Our performance of 'Knockin Boots'... feat. 20kmph winds, a (busted) guitar case, crows and somebody's dog. -G About the song: ‘Knockin Boots’ came from a Tennessee co-writing session between Hughie and US country star Rodney Atkins ("If You're Going Through Hell, Keep on Going"). #singersongwriter #countrymusic #duets #musician RØDE MicrophonesZoom H6 Handy Recorder Tamworth Country Music Festival Grace HickeyHugh Scott Murray