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Recording studios are pretty surreal environments. They are generally windowless (excepting the airy, beastie-infested Firefly Studios), isolated and sound proofed (so no on e can hear you scream in frustration when Protools crashes for the 100th time that day). Working in a studio is intense, once the creative wheels start turning there’s no stopping that train till someone falls down dead, drunk or defeated. And in that room, you don’t even notice the time pass. Except… you get hungry. Or I do. Hughie on the other hand, can exist for days in the studio on nothing but inspiration and 2L bottles of sparkling water. This is somewhat of an exaggeration I suppose… the guy does eat. He just bea

"Look at moi."

As performers, there is a degree of exhibitionism to what we do. Maybe a few degrees (I once saw Hughie sit down in an audience member’s lap mid-song, the saucy bugger). You get up on stage and you try to win people over, and if you’re good at what you do, like Hughie is, you don’t have to try too hard. Nevertheless, your job is to take people away from all their other concerns, to make them be present, forgetting about their grocery shopping and their dentist appointments. Live music can drown out the incessant hum of responsibilities, errands and odd jobs that crowd a person’s mind. Once the performance is over, however, we retreat into ourselves a little. we have our own responsibilities,