Today we blew a fuse in the studio

This is me, taking a break. On a fence. As you do. Hugh is also on a break, but I made him take this photo of me anyway. It was a slow day in the studio, the kind of day when writing a melody or arranging a bridge feels like grabbing at a plume of smoke with your bare hands. You feel as though you know how it should sound and what it should say but nothing you do comes close. In creative pursuits especially, the mythology of 'inspiration' can dictate whether it is a good day in the studio... or not. It is tempting, when things aren't working out, to say you are "feeling uninspired", call it quits, take a nap and eat a sandwich. You're just not feeling it. Nothing is coming to you. The Inspir

Writing 'Slipstream' about life on the river... paying in blood for the perfect sunset...

When Hughie and I first started talking about writing this album together, we both wanted overturn to concept of art as something that had to be made in a studio, shut away and laboured over until it was deemed finished and presentable to the outside world. When writing a song like Slipstream, which is about making a living on the water, it made sense to write in that environment, so that every line might be appropriately salt-tinged and windswept, sun-kissed and mosquito-bitten. Our conversations with Wallis Lake oyster farmer Casey had given us plenty to think and write about: his dependance on, and duty of care to the river that sustains his livelihood had metaphorical relevance to any i

Coffee made - Sun is out - writing a new tune

When it's 36 degrees in the shade... and it's only 9am... you get to work early. The cicadas are like an unruly children's choir and find their way onto every vocal take, whether the windows are open or not. So its back to pen and paper, and by the time Hugh's cup of coffee is finished, he's firing and there's a verse and a chorus on the page. "Stereo Heart". Grace is drinking tea and has not experienced the same exponential increase in productivity. But she's had her Weetbix and that'll be enough to keep her working steadily till lunchtime.